Before You Sell Your Home, Increase Its Value

In case you have the time and money, large projects like loft conversions, garage conversions, or adding a conservatory can be rewarding. It is also important to keep in mind that small things can make a surprising difference too, so we’ve also given some guidance on what to stay away from.

It’s worth taking stock and making any necessary alterations before you put your house on the market so you can get your asking price. No matter what you decide, you probably want to talk to local estate agents about the sort of features that will make a difference when selling your home.

It is beneficial to make improvements that increase the sense of space and privacy, as well as giving a great first impression. Ensure the décor does not overly personalise the property so that potential buyers can adapt the property to their own tastes and needs. Surveys indicate that half of agents believe adding a bedroom including a loft conversion adds the most value, while a third believe a new kitchen adds the most value.

Here are ten tips for selling your home

Invest In Redecorating

Adding a coat of paint or doing some general maintenance to fill cracks and holes is one of the most popular home improvements. House buyers are most attracted to neutral colours, which can give your home a fresh new look.

Superficial Defects Should Be Corrected

Even though small problems and defects are unlikely to make or break the sale of a house, they can create an impression that the home is in poor condition. You should not cover up bigger problems such as damp and structural issues because they will show up on the survey and end up creating more issues.

You should watch out for:

  • Sealants in kitchens or bathrooms that are mouldy
  • Buildup of limescale on bathroom and kitchen fittings
  • A laminate floor that has been badly fitted
  • A light bulb which is due a change
  • Painted surfaces peeling
  • Walls with dirt, especially near door frames and light switches
  • Taps that drip
  • Stairs, floors, or doors that squeak

Front Door Magic

Your front door can tell a lot about the rest of your house to first-time visitors. Give the door a power wash or fresh coat of paint if it’s in need of some TLC. It can be as simple as a new doorknob, house number, or nameplate.


Pay special attention to high impact rooms, such as the kitchen and bathroom, to keep them tidy and clean. A property may also seem smaller if there is too much furniture in each room.

Warmth & Light

Set up the heating ahead of time during the cooler months if you are not at home when viewings are taking place. If the weather is cold outside, potential buyers want to know that their central heating is working properly and they feel comfortable in your home. On a gloomy day, good lighting is also essential, so have lamps on in dark corners. If a buyer comes after dark, turn on any outside lights. If possible, arrange for the viewing to take place in daylight.

Garden Appeal

Gardening well can add value to a home, and a well-designed space should feel more like an extra living space than a lawn. The borders of your property should be trimmed, pathways should be cleared, and overgrown trees or bushes should be pruned, especially if they block direct sunlight.

Adding a deck to a home can help the owner feel as though they have more usable space. A summerhouse creates a relaxing and entertaining space in the garden.

Pet Problems

Keeping your pet in one room (such as a utility room or the garden) or leaving them with a friend if possible is a good idea. The presence of animals can be a deterrent to potential buyers, as well as cause them to become allergic. You should also air out the property a few hours prior to the viewing in case there are pet odours that have become too familiar.

Double Glaze The Windows

The value of a property can be affected by noisy roads. Adding double glazing will keep noise out and keep heat in. Adding energy-efficient improvements to your home could increase your sale price by thousands.

A Kitchen Makeover

Changing cabinet handles or doors or painting units is a great alternative to a whole new kitchen if you have a relatively small budget. It is also important to have good lighting and clean surfaces.

Bathrooms With A Feel Of Newness

Re-grouting the bathroom, getting rid of all limescale, and swapping out the faucets are good options. In order to make your bathroom look fresh and hygienic, you might paint the walls a neutral colour and consider adding a glass screen or shower curtain. A new bathroom is installed in 30+ percent of homes which are sold in the UK.

Enhancing the value of your home

The rewards of loft conversions, conservatories or garage conversions are large. Nearby parking is extremely hard to come by. With off-street parking, you can increase the value of your property.

Need Help With Funds or Project Management?

You may want to obtain planning permission later on if you can’t afford an extension or conversion now. A potential buyer would have less reason to doubt that an extension has already been approved if they knew the local council had already approved the project. Hamilton Paige can provide finance and joint project funding to property sellers. We can even project manage the entire project to help with the stress and time required to plan and manage the project.

Are you looking for reliable funding and support for your refurbishment or build project? We are experts in property lending. From enquiry to completion, we’re here to help. If you are interested in contacting us in regards to our financial packages, you can call us on 020 8175 6977 or email us or use the contact page for more details.

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Before You Sell Your Home Increase Its Value

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