Can I sell my house fast as is?

Yes! Hamilton Paige are not just property buyers, we are also property developers and can take on any type of property and in any condition. In some cases, we even partner with the seller and develop the property in order to maximise the investment and sale price.

Can I sell my house fast near me?

Yes, we buy properties all across the United Kingdom. We are open to any type of property, in any condition and in any location. If you are willing to sell then we are willing to buy.

Sell my house fast for cash near me

The location of the property does not make a difference to the way we pay you the agreed price. We pay in cash bank transfer and we honour our word and pay you every last penny.

Can you sell your house fast and rent it back?

Absolutely – this would need to be added to the conditions of the sale and we are open to such agreements.

Can I get a quote to sell my house from Hamilton Paige?

Yes you can and our quotes are completely free and come with zero obligation. We thoroughly research and investigate all offers we make because we only want to make realistic offers at a fair market price.

Can I get a sell my house instant quote?

Yes. Contact us on the telephone number above and we shall be happy to provide you all the information you require.

Does Hamilton Paige have a YouTube channel?

If you are looking for more video information on the subject of sell my house fast in the UK then visit our YouTube channel here

Does Hamilton Paige have any ‘sell my house fast’ reviews?

Yes, they are on our website. For you convenience, here are a few of them and where you can find them;

Review One

“I was recommended to Thor at Hamilton Paige by my lawyer…I would like to say they are extremely reliable and diligent…resulted in me selling my house for a very healthy profit. Very happy seller” Steve Long (Website)

Review Two

“I had the property on the market for 18 months. Then I was introduced to your system and it worked! I made £***,000 thousand more selling in this way. It is the best financial decision I have ever made. The whole process was handled with such great care by Thor and the team. There were moments of stress which I just couldn’t deal with before you came along, but you took all that stress away. What I liked about it was that actually I made all the decisions. You gave me all the ideas, but it was me who was in charge of my property and making the final decision. I had great guidance along the way, and would highly recommend Thor Portess as someone who is knowledgeable, experienced, trustworthy and reliable. A few years later, I actually started investing and became an investor on some of Thor‘s deals so have transformed from a stressed seller to a thriving property investor!!” Aarti Shah (Google)

Review Three

“All went through as agreed with Thor. Very efficient, clear, professional, helpful and polite. Great communicated superbly every step of the way.I would recommend this company” Sheila Linton (Google).

Whatever your reason for selling your property, you can be assured that Hamilton Paige will provide you with quality service and excellent value. We work tirelessly towards your requirements and guarantee to provide you with our very best price. If you have any questions or are just curious about our service then please get in touch and we shall be happy to answer all your questions.

​You can call us on 020 8175 6977 or email us or use the contact page for more details. Learn more on real estate

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We Help Property Owners By;

Solving Financial Difficulties

Resolving Legal Issues

Maximising Value Via Property Development

Stop Your Repossession of your home

MORTGAGE ARREARS: If you have an urgent financial situation which may lead to the sale or repossession of your property, we will work with you to solve or contain the problem, as this buys you time to consider your options. Our primary goal is to keep you and your family at home. READ MORE.

MAXIMISE YOUR PROPERTY VALUE: If you have a property which is in need of renovation or you want to develop your land or property to maximise profit for sale or refinance, we can help. We have a number of packages available to property owners who would like assistance in obtaining planning permission and/or developing their property. READ MORE.

Which Solution Works For You?

If you have an urgent financial crisis – we provide immediate debt solutions in regards to your property.

If you want to maximise the value of your property or land – we can provide funds for development.

Have you received an eviction order? Are you facing the repossession of your home? We can help.

Meeting Your Financial Commitments

Expired Bridging Loan; If your bridging loan term is about to end or it has already expired, we work on your behalf to liaise with receivers, trustees or administrators to agree terms to prevent a forced sale of your property at auction or via estate agents.